Vidhya Niketan School
Knowledge Bestows Humility

Talents will take you to high position, but Good character only helps you to mountain high position.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

The School

We lay the foundation for leaders who are "prepared for all challenges". This is accomplished through a unique and well-defined curriculum, and a dedicated focus on "education beyond the classroom".

The medium of instruction is English and the curriculum offered is based on the Matriculation Board.

With infrastructure that supports excellence in all areas, Vidhya Niketan School provides a wide array of facilities in academics, sports, and IT. Our school is located in Coimbatore in the State of Tamil Nadu, a city with moderate climate and a gentle society. One of Southern India's fastest growing cities, Coimbatore combines a quaint old world charm with the vibrant environment of a modern metropolitan city. Culturally diverse and historically rich, Coimbatore is known for its cotton textile industries and is called as the Manchester of the south.

Vidhya Niketan extends a warm welcome to all its pupils. We look forward to a successful and stimulating year academically, culturally and socially. Likewise a warm welcome is also extended to all our parents and guardians.


Vidhya Niketan was started on June 4th, 1992. It was born from the vision of its Correspondent Mrs. Rajini Krishnamurthy and nurtured by the dedicated efforts of the teachers who endeavor to draw out the best from each child. Vidhya Niketan Matric Higher Secondary School functions at Vilankurichi. Classes I - XII are housed in this campus.

School Goals

As well as fulfilling its obligation to meet the Matriculation curriculum Frame work objectives, the school has set itself a number of additional objectives. They are as follows:

  • Ensuring attainment of individual potential in the three key areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics
  • Development of children's thinking abilities
  • Development of children's self esteem within a culture of respect
  • Promotion of staff development toward attainment of school goals
  • Creating a physical environment that supports these school goals

Special Features

  • Committed and innovative management
  • A School that is a abreast of all the new curriculum initiatives
  • Staffed by the best teachers
  • High academic standards
  • A well resourced school
  • Low teacher - pupil ratios
  • Supportive and active Parents Teachers Association
  • Importance given to Extra Curricular Activities
  • Remedial Center for students with learning difficulties
  • A homely, caring and safe atmosphere

Vidhya Niketan- An Autobiography

I am where talents are staged. I am where hard work is appreciated. I am a place visited and blessed by thousands. I am where the buds are bloomed. I am VidhyaNiketan, who is a brain-child of my creator-Mrs. Rajini Krishnamurthy, who has infused her belief in my motto-“Knowledge Bestows Humility”.

I was born on the 4th of June, 1992, in one of Southern India’s fastest growing cities, the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore. This is my successful 22nd year as a place where knowledge is bestowed, discipline is a must and fun is guaranteed. This is obvious in the quality of a wide array of facilities I provide in academics, culturals and sports. When students come to me, I become their home and the teachers become their parents. So, my students have always loved me and will continue to do so. After all, they’ve given me the title-“Cool School!”

My creator, Rajini Krishnamurthy ma’am, is a great educator who has whole-hearted dedication to education and to her school. She is an inspiration for many and I am proud to be a part of her life.

After a certain age, humans become weaker as they get older. But in my case, I become stronger, housing increasing population of quality students and experienced staff members. So, every year, my annual day is celebrated with lots of gaiety and effort. Our Paatshala which is in vogue since 2009, is no less an event. This student’s talent fest was introduced by two of my old students, which shows that I respect the ideas of my students. While these two events are to showcase our cultural talents, our annual sports day is to exhibit the talents of our athletes.

A tactful, dedicated captain is needed for the safe journey of a ship. Rajini Krishnamurthy Ma’am has been the definition for ‘Captain’ and will continue to be the same. But, my students need captains who think the way they do. So, elections are conducted every year for the posts of School pupil leader(SPL), Assistant School pupil leader (ASPL) and the house captains for the houses-Chera, Chola, Pandya, and Pallava.

When parents were looking for a good school with CBSE syllabus, Ma’am came up with the idea of VidhyaNiketan Public School, who is a sibling of mine. It was started in 2011 and has completed three triumphant years.

My students, from K-G level, are carved gradually into leaders who are prepared for all challenges. When my students walk out of me as perfect sculptures, each one leaves behind unforgettable memories which I recollect and relish with tears in my eyes and a smile on my lips.

- S. S. Priyadarshini
(Std XI B)

School Hours

  • 1 to XII - 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)


  • I - June 1st week to September 3rd week
  • II - October 1st week to December 3rd week
  • III - January 1st week to April 1st week

- Vidhya Niketan School and the Management hails from the P S G Group, Coimbatore