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School Results

Revised +12 results

In Vidhya Niketan we believe in all round and holistic development of the student. It is vital for students to get good scores in +2 which would help them get seats in well established universities,but what is more important is the student's performance in college. In the past years we have found that our average performer has excelled top scorers from other schools. This I'm sure is a feather in our cap!!!

History of theatre in VN

Theatre always formed an integral part of the Co-Curricular activities of Vidhya Niketan School. Theatre was initiated by Theatre Y of Chennai in the year 2009 by staging their famous show 'Reality' which motivated the students into acting. In 2010 a Public Show, 'Return of Gandhi' was staged in the School Amphi Theatre on Martyr's day, January 30th which was well received and appreciated by Coimbatorians. The following year the students were eager to stage 'Civilizations', a play which brought out the salient features of Stone, Reptilian and Extinct age in the Music Academy hall at Chennai and was graced by the presence of the Chairman of AVM Studios. We take pride in informing at this juncture that our past students who were part of the School Theatre group continue to pursue their interest in theatre in University also. Notable among them is Vamsi Krishna who has done a short role in Rockstar with Ranbir Kapoor.

Poetry Reading

Inspired by the Poetry Reading workshop conducted by the Theatre Y the hidden talents of some of our children had sprung into action and had penned down the following lines, including our Correspondent who always felt that writing was not her cup of tea.

Church Bell

One Sunday morning
Lazying still in bed
Heard the Church bell ringing
Wondering who would attend.

Will it be the religious women
Will it be the God fearing men
Will it be the habitual attenders
Or the needy ones.

Still lying in bed
the church bell ringing once again
as if to say
its good to be up early
Even on a Sunday.

- Rajini Mam

Journey to the Dragon Land

Chaos among the adolescent few

With the courageous two ladies who never found this new

Those long hours of waiting

And not to forget those pretty airhostess’ faking

Arrived the happy us to the land of no vegetarian food

Our shoelace tied and backpacks zipped

Ready were we to climb the great wall

First breakfast and lunch all miserable

Finally with Indian supper applaudable

The shows and the history and the places

With the nudging Chinese guide trying to wake the sleepy faces

Travelling in that so called train

Which moved deftly outside

Without a slight jerk inside

Only made us think

Intelligent must be those blunt nosed and short people

This beautiful city did blow our minds

And the even more beautiful guide who was surprisingly kind

Here we found out what posers we actually were

Even Xian’s unnoticed place

Was suitable for our selfie craze

Hogging , walking , talking , laughing

Took place for unforgettable memories to be cherished

And I would lie if I said

Survival was very easy on Mc Donald’s burger

Next destination travelled in that amazingly cozy train

With gossips spilt and tantrums thrown

Unexpected were we when getting lost in a country where English was unknown

But still our iron women had us out of the mess

Without even twitching her nose

Greatly excited we were when our beloved salt and pepper hair styled wonder

Had her birthday the next morning

We stood with a cupcake in hand

Outside her door at dawn wishing her all happiness on land

The once in a blue moon type of firework

Seemed like the sky was adorned by sparkling jewels

The trip came to an end and the airplane landed in Bharat

As the smell of the wet soil and warmth of the air lingered

When we reached our home sweet home

All we had was shopping bags and memories to celebrate

Word struck I am

When I thank my ma’am

For this EPIC and SELF-DISCOVERING journey to the dragon land.

- Shanmitha XI D

Syrian War

The children who live with fear,

They have lost their family and group of peer.

Their homes destroyed, as well as their peace

Many children deceased; and the explosions increase.

Not schools, but the refugee camps they spend most of their time.

Is this because they have committed some crime?

Oh! The poor children, what did they do to deserve this?

For what they are deprived of ecstasy and bliss

Oh, heartless leader, Bashaa-al-Assad;

What joy you have in waging a war?

What joy you have in killing your own people?

Syria is their identity

It is the people’s land

Barron tents, dirty water and petty grains are not what they deserve.

What the sons and daughters of the paradise deserve is freedom and democracy.

- Sabari Ganesh XI


The literal meaning of Paatshala is 'School', but for the students of Vidhya Niketan it is a talent fest. It all started when two minds Vamsi and Gaurav (2009 batch) got together and came up with the idea of a talent fest to bring out the hidden talents of our students and to enable each one to participate in an event of their choice. Few of the competitions are Chota Chef, Junky Funky, Bulletin Express, Sizzling Salads, Dance on Beats, Happy Feet, Roses & Petals etc. The entire show is planned, organized and executed by the SPLs team of volunteers. The certificates, invitations & T Shirts designing, arranging and cleaning the class rooms etc. is all done by the students with great enthusiasm. For the seventh consecutive year, Paatshala was conducted in great style.

Consecutively 100% First Class From the 1st year

X Results 2015