Vidhya Niketan School
Knowledge Bestows Humility

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it's the courage to continue that counts.


Various clubs function during the school hours. Children get to learn Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Sports, Carrom, Cookery and Theatre.

Annual Day


Is an event organized every year to showcase the talents of the children from Kindergarten to class XII. This is practised and conducted with great enthusiasm not only by the children but also the teachers with parents encouraging by their overflowing presence year after year. The Annual day provides a platform for the seniors and super seniors to exhibit their music, dance, drama, choreography and oratory skills. The School magazine is released on this day. The School report presented by the Principal highlights the academic and co- curricular achievements of the children and outstanding performers are honoured.

House System

In order to foster a healthy competitive spirit and to create a sense of belonging, all students are divided into four houses. Each house will have teacher representatives. Regular competitions are conducted to nurture the talent of the students. Results of all such competitions are graded and recorded. Houses - Chera, Chola, Pandiya, Pallava.


Good leaders make good role models. Our inspiring leaders make aspiring speeches in the assembly and students elect the leaders through ballot boxes. Our school elections display how elections have to be conducted in all fairness where leaders are elected merely on their basis of their caliber to conduct themselves and uplift the student community.

'We believe that leadership is not being the best, but bringing out the best in others.'



We are very pleased to inform that NCC - National Cadet Corps - is started this academic year for boys and it was inaugurated by Subedar Tilak Singh on Wednesday the 24th August 2011. Major Venugopal also graced the occasion.


Sports Day


Sports day is also conducted in the school campus which reminds the children the old proverb that a healthy body is essential to have a healthy mind. On this day the sports reports highlights the outstanding sports men who are honored by the Chief Guest. The March Past, Mass Drill, Yoga and Pyramid which are displayed to perfection makes the children realize the importance of such events.


VN has mastered the art of organizing excursions for High School and Higher Secondary Children escorted by their senior staff which improves their life skills on traveling and social skills. They are also taken to foreign destinations depending on parent's willingness.

Art of Living

The young adult course is conducted every year by Mr.Venkatmani from Shri Shri Ravishankar's Bangalore Ashram for Class XII students. This helps children to be more focused. The art of living classes conducted by Mr.Venkat has helped the students face challenging situations, increase self confidence and reduce stress with Yogas, Kriyas, Dynamic games and group discussions. The XII grade students had fun and frolic and have seen a marked difference in their behaviour, confidence level, eating habits and health.


Career Guidance and Counselling

To mould the students in to better citizens of the future, to give them an idea of what they want to become and to help them with their ambitions, Vidhya Niketan offers career counseling to its XIth and XIIth grade students conducted by an eminent person in the field Mr. Shiv. The students went into the hall thinking it would be a boring and useless seminar but after looking at Mr. Shiv's enthusiasm and dedication they did not want the session to get over.

Feild Trips

The children are taken on field trips to places related to their study to enable them obtain first hand information about the various topics.

We respect every child as an individual at Vidhya Niketan. We feel that the child is merely not a pot to fill in but a plant to tend and nurture. Hence lot of learning activities like seminars, projects, presentations, discussions, brain storming sessions etc are organized to make learning interesting and effective.